24 Hours Running a Tech Startup

I started this blog last Monday. Scribbling a “witty-but-true” account of entrepreneurial life whilst actually managing a start-up: putting our latest iOS build in the app store, testing (and occasionally breaking!) the app, pushing us to the brink of the top 100 app store products list and onboarding Tyler (our new super intern). I’m a busy bloke.

Startup life is about motivation. Deadlines are self-imposed so spend your (valuable!) time hitting the right ones.  Mine revolve around (1) Tech, (2), Employers / Content and (3) giglers / downloads.  A toss-up between meeting these or going out with friends/celebrating birthdays/watching TV? Immoveable deadlines win everytime (sad but true).

Wednesday. My favorite day of the week. I refuse to call it “Winsday” (not yet, anyway) but I spend the day at google campus with our 3 interns (Sam / Sa’diya / Tyler). We have shared computer screens, white boards, lots of post it notes…….and buckets of fun and energy.

It sounds cheesy but I love this time. Spending time with the gang equals creative thinking! This week attacked optimizing the 45,000 members of our Facebook community – no small task. From a couple of hours discussion sprouted a clear strategy and personal responsibilities that week. Updates on wins and learns in my next blog!

Then in popped Euan. Which was quite a treat – the night before he travelled from Glasgow for the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORA’s), where we were a finalist for the 2019 Tech Innovation award. Not bad for a platform that has been live for 3 months. We are currently only about 5% into our tech development plan, so have some huge more industry innovations to deliver over the next 6 months+. And to round off my Wednesday?  I had my weekly 1-2-1 meeting at google London HQ.  gigl are part of the google incubator program – they generously give us office space, some indirect tech funding and a lot of support.

In the space of a morning I laugh, I cry, I dream – but importantly I talk about various issues with people who have “been there, done that and got the t-shirt”. I’ve quickly learnt that experience is one of the most important commodities a start-up can find.  Talking to someone who knows the answer, has a contact or can just give some moral support is so important. And the coconut latte’ aren’t too shabby…

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