gigl at Google Campus London
gigl at Google Campus London

What Is gigl?

gigl is a tech platform where part-time workers and part-time work connect directly through video. Wordy job descriptions and bland CVs are replaced with insightful 60-second videos.

Engage people. Save time and money. Find jobs in minutes. All through gigl

gigl has been announced as FINALIST for BEST INNOVATION at the 2019 National Online Recruitment Awards.

Why Did We Create It?

Technology is changing but recruitment hasn’t. giglers lose time and enthusiasm applying for generically-described jobs using lengthy CVs and uninspiring covering letters. 

Employers learn nothing about the “real” gigler until meeting them for the first time – often hours into a lengthy and expensive recruitment process.

gigl is a platform which harnesses technology to create a digital platform for employers and giglers to express themselves through powerful and persuasive videos. 

The modern world needs real human interaction. gigl mobilises the power of technology to connect humans at both ends of the spectrum, creating transparency, vibrancy and trust. 

Who Are Team gigl?

Team gigl are five friends with the vision, determination and insight to change the recruitment process. 

Dan (CEO) has over 15 years working in a global bank, including time as head of global recruitment. 

Euan (CTO) has worked at the top-level of IT within various blue-chip technology and consultancy firms. 

Steve (CRO) spent upwards of 17 years working in private banking (including head of EMEA recruitment).

James (CMO) is an expert in digital marketing, having developed and implemented global strategies for leading household brands. 

Christian (CLO) is an experienced international lawyer and former gig-jobber.