3 big changes happening within hospitality

By Andrea Tamba · Sep 7, 2022

The hospitality industry is always changing. It’s an industry that is hardest hit by emerging consumer trends, which means that it is always adapting. Here are three changes happening right now.

The rise of Staff-centric culture

The reputation of an industry is built by what its people have to say, and generally, people don’t have particularly stellar things to say about working in hospitality within the UK. The long hours and the low pay  . But the hospitality industry doesn't have an intrinsically bad reputation. In fact, it is valued so much more in countries like France and Germany, and is seen as a viable place to build a career.

The move towards a staff centric culture is slowly changing things in the UK however. A staff centric culture puts employees first, and looks at ways in which their experience within the workplace can be enhanced. Jobseekers are looking to enter a working environment where they feel valued and respected, where they feel that their employer has a continual interest in their health, wellbeing and general personal and professional development. 

The move towards incorporating technology within processes and operations is one way that hospitality is doing this. Often, this means taking the route of virtual hiring, which shortens the time it takes to be hired, overall, greatly improving candidate experience. 


Permanent flexible working

In 2017 Firmdale hotels was awarded best employer in hospitality because they prioritise a good work-life balance by adopting a flexible system.

In 2019, Travelodge targeted unemployed parents with a programme that leveraged flexible working, after 59% revealed that the reason they hadn’t returned to work is due to the inflexible hours that are unsuitable with childcare arrangements.

Flexible working isn’t a trend that will see its end in a few years. Before the concept took the world by storm during the pandemic, the hospitality industry generally struggled to adopt it. But what the pandemic revealed is that flexible and remote working isn’t impossible -even for those job roles you would’ve thought it impossible. With companies finding ways to adapt to lockdown restrictions, and the general public realising that businesses can, in fact, adapt, this was all that was needed to change the general mindset towards working. 

A restructuring of the workforce

According to The Caterer, hospitality has recently seen a 25% increase in local candidates seeking jobs in the industry

Hospitality is known for employing a high number of foreign workers, as they have historically constituted more than 40% of the workforce. However, the advent of both Brexit and the pandemic, which has driven away almost 200 000 workers, has meant that the makeup of the industry within the UK has ultimately changed.