Getting a job in the current market

By James Hudson · Nov 23, 2020

When we ran Jobfest in September, one of the most popular sessions was our Q&A panel about the future of getting a job.

Our awesome Commercial Director, Holly Smith, and Head of Engagement, Sam Webb were able to spend some time with two hugely influential and knowledgeable individuals. Nicki Sahota (Head of People, Tortilla) and Lisa Haggar (HR Director).

The session covered some amazing topics, such as not being afraid to reach out and connect with senior people on social channels. How you must highlight your achievements, rather than where you have worked.

The importance of personality cannot be overlooked in the interview process and of course, continuing to develop your skills outside of work all help.

Check out the cut down version of the session as there are loads more amazing and useful recommendations in it.

Also, make sure you keep checking the gigl app as we are constantly adding new jobs near you every day.