You're having a Staff!

By Axel Prose · Dec 14, 2021

Sitting. Watching. Waiting...

Sitting. Watching. Waiting...

Results of a poll published by our friends at Deliveroo last week highlight the shocking impact of low staff and supply chain issues on small restaurant businesses: one in five restaurants have been forced to temporarily close

And even businesses able to stay open have had to reduce menus (54%) to accommodate the lack of staff and/or products; most had to increase prices to cover spiraling costs (89%) and the majority (55%) agreed that managing their supply chain had become more difficult in the past 6 months. 

At least 90% of those surveyed had increased chef wages to attract (and retain) top talent; and 18% confirmed that they had been forced to close as a result of staff and supply chain pressures. 

At gigl towers, we’re determined to provide an on-demand staffing solution for all businesses -  so they can stay open and generate revenue. With our 60-second video platform, businesses can advertise their role (and concept) to over 40,000 gigl users - and review and shortlist/reject applications in less time than it takes to drink a coffee. 

We passionately believe that businesses face many challenges - but finding great staff should not be one of them. 60-second video job descriptions and applications both reduce cost (no expensive agency middleman - gigl is a technology platform connecting businesses and staff) and time - and means you can identify and hire people with the most fitting personality quickly. 

We’re used by over 40,000 jobseekers, and over 150 London employers. Give us a try - and make finding great staff the least of your challenges!