Common Signs Of Stress You Are Unaware Of!

By Tyler Malcolm · May 2, 2021

2020 was one hell of a year. The events that have accrued throughout the year has undoubtedly created a deposit of stress within all of us. Some may be very intuned with their personal stress level however many of us go unaware of the build-up. Managing stress is a crucial part of our personal well being. If you are able to identify and understand stress, you will ensure positive benefits on your personal well being. 

“It’s overwhelming. Sometimes you can’t see beyond the thick fog of stress” 

While it might be true that stress can sometimes be good for you, no one likes that thick foggy feeling. Most people are aware once they hit that wall of fog, what it means. However what happens when you don’t have that filling and don’t notice the wall of fog? These are a few signs that you might be experiencing unhealthy levels of stress and need to take a step back. 

Snapping At Everyone

A co-worker asks, ‘Can you proofread this paragraph in an email?’ and you act as if they asked you to read 57-pages of terms and conditions on printers. You make an audible noise to show your disdain for them, and with venomous-laced words, you reply, ‘Um, I’m kind of busy right now, but sure, whatever.” Instead of saying, ‘Give me a second to wrap this up.’ Later it hits you that you had overreacted, now you’re embarrassingly typing an apology email and buying your colleague chocolates as an apology. This is probably a sign of being stressed and you need to check yourself and take a step back!

Work, Work, Work

You might work a 9-5 sometime till 6:30 but you are constantly thinking about work 24/7. In the shower, during your commute, while eating, you can't fall asleep because of it. Constantly swallowing conversation with family and friends about work while they kindly smile and nod. It is not a bad thing to think about work outside of work, however, if you bring it home all the time it can often lead to stress, issues sleeping and a seriously boring game night guest.  Check yourself and take a step back!

Can’t Maintain Focus Long Enough To Actually Get Anything Done

Yes, a long subtitle but when it actually comes time to get things done and you can’t seem to make any progress. Having numerous thoughts bounce around your head freely with no control over them. This then creates a vicious cycle of worrying that you’re actually not getting anything done. This could be a sign of stress. Check yourself and take a step back!

Check Yourself and Take A Step Back (other signs)

You’re aren’t sleeping well, entire body sore, shot memory, weird dreams, throbbing head. If you have experienced one or a combination of these it may be time to take a step back. While it may not be necessary to take a week or a few days of considering taking half a day. During this time don’t crawl into bed just watching Netflix, seriously take some time to ‘check yourself.’ I find the best way is writing down a list, pro/cons, memory mapping. Whatever way works for you. Get in front of you. Then discuss with yourself or someone else how you can reduce these issues. Then take immediate steps to fix that issue. They don’t need to be large shift small things like taking a walk a few times a week during your lunch break to clear your mind may have a beneficial impact.