GiGL invites hospitality industry professionals to discuss solutions to the staffing crisis

By Andrea Tamba · Dec 5, 2022

In anticipation of a difficult winter for the hospitality industry, GiGL, a London based tech startup, hosted their first panel talk event at Mortimer House, to discuss the industry’s next steps. GiGL’s CEO Dan Hudson, was joined on the panel by Daniel Diamond of Five Guys, Rob Wallis of Moth Drinks, Bria Mundy of D&D London and Clemmie Parrett of Darby and Parrett. 

This event comes at a time where anxieties about the future of business are at a heightened state. So with an aim to figure out ways in which hospitality businesses could cushion the blow of a potentially fateful winter, the panel spoke on topics such as emerging trends within the recruitment industry, TikTok becoming the new google, the cost of living crisis, as well as the issue of how businesses are going to survive the next six months.

Addressing the issues of looking after your staff during the cost of living crisis, Daniel Diamond, Growth & strategy director for five guys revealed that “The biggest thing we have done and will continue to do is look after our people. The people working there in the restaurants, they’re the profit centre. Making sure that we are doing right by them has to be our primary focus. If it’s hard for us as a business, we know it’s going to be 10 times harder for our team.”

The panel spoke on building the Gen Z workforce, with Clemmie Parrett, CEO of Darby & Parrett saying: “TikTok should be one of your primary marketing tools – aside from it being a preferred Gen Z channel, it gets more traffic than Google and at an 18% engagement rate, it far surpasses Instagram’s 0.67% engagement rate.”

About GiGL | Reboot your job search with personality 

GiGL advocates for identification within recruitment processes by providing a platform where jobseekers and employers find each other by way of a video profile. Employers are encouraged to give a taste of their best assets and show the nature of their establishment. Candidates apply with a 60s video, where they can express their personality and enthusiasm for a role. By allowing the conversation to remain between two people right from the beginning of the hiring process (as opposed to the dynamic of a CV and a recruiter), Gigl reduces recruitment processes by 95%. 

GiGL is committed to being a medium through which businesses can engage with their workforce. It provides an efficient and reliable solution for hospitality businesses by tackling both recruitment and retention issues. For more information, visit