Shop. Drop. Repeat.

By Ron O'Matopoeia · Dec 16, 2021

Even royals aren't to posh too push (a trolley)

Even royals aren't to posh too push (a trolley)

One of London’s largest landlords, Shaftesbury, reported two weeks ago that footfall (i.e. the number of customers) at its locations:

  • Returned to 2019 levels at weekends; but

  • Was still 20% less than 2019 levels during the week

In addition, rental collection (i.e. rent paid by business owners) rose during 2021, from 52% (January to September), to 75% (September to date, with 80% in October). 

At gigl, we’re delighted for both landlords and business owners - despite what the current Omnicron hump throws at us, the data shows that businesses at all levels have the bouncebackability to return to growth when the conditions are right.

So whilst we're comforted that this Omnicron storm will be weathered, our concern is that the staffing crisis will remain a real issue for businesses. Companies are struggling both to attract talent - and retain the best - Omnicron or not. The impact on their business is obvious: unpredictable customer service, inability to service business needs promptly, and ultimately lost revenue opportunities. 

And that’s where gigl is proud to support forward-thinking businesses, such as Hard Rock and Subway - using 60-second videos to attract motivated candidates - and quickly filter, communicate and hire the candidates who fit the roles. 

In a generation driven by phone usage (from ordering food, taxis and dating) - gigl is the perfect way to find and hire great people quickly. Create a gigl account. Post a short video description of the role. And watch as customized applications from the 40,000+ gigl users are sent directly to your phone. 

gigl is proud to support the resurgence of business. Whilst we can’t run your business, we can certainly give you the helping hand in finding great staff. Get in touch with us today if you’re forward-thinking, driven by efficiency and value personality above all else - and want to use the current uncertainty to build a bank of super-staff ready for when things return to normal!

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