Surprising Perks Remote Employees are Looking For

By Jenny Roche · Jun 14, 2022

Hiring remote workers has several benefits for companies. For one, businesses are met with a wider pool of talent, unobstructed by geographical barriers. To add, companies are also able to reduce the cost of having employees on site, therefore saving on money, office supplies, utilities, and rent.

Now while the idea of hiring remote workers sounds great, attracting them to your business must come first. There are certain (and surprising!) perks that remote employees are looking for. 

Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Ergonomics for their workspace

Companies shouldn’t neglect their responsibility to provide a suitable working space simply because their workers have relocated to their own home. As the home serves as the workplace for remote workers, it should be the employer’s responsibility to provide them with an environment that is conducive to working and productivity. Thus, companies should provide their remote hires with ergonomic perks like ergonomic assessments with a human factors specialist. These human factors specialists will gain insight into workers’ current issues and make specific recommendations .

Additionally, employers should supply remote workers with ergonomic equipment like ergonomic chairs. This is only one of several ergonomic workspace equipment that provide physical support to workers, allowing them to do their work more comfortably.

Health and wellness programmes

Despite being at home, maintaining a healthy lifestyle remains a difficult task, as your workers are most likely still stuck in front of a desk. To tackle this, employers should provide their workers with access to fitness apps. With this, remote workers can practice wellness exercises on their own, improving their overall well-being, which will surely reflect in their productivity levels.

In addition to fitness apps, consultations with healthcare professionals is another perk that employers should offer. Working remotely can affect physical and mental well-being, and access to advice and recommendations from experts will greatly benefit these workers.

Food and drink packages

One thing remote workers miss out on is access to the office pantry. So employers should send out snack packages to their remote workforce. Nothing too fancy, the options can be similar to those in the physical office, so that they feel as if they’re working alongside you, too, even when they’re at home.

Another thing work-from-home employees are unable to experience are team lunches or dinners. To improve the company culture, have food delivered to them so they really feel they are being celebrated.

Corporate and entertainment subscriptions

Subscriptions to news sites, magazines, and even grammar-correction tools will greatly benefit remote employees. Working at home usually means no access to public libraries or even company archives, so these will greatly help in their professional development, research, or general knowledge-building.

Similarly, entertainment subscriptions to streaming services, music platforms and such serve as a way for workers to relax. Despite staying home, remote work is still tiring, and these will help them unwind.

So, while hiring remote workers is beneficial for companies, they must first attract them. Hopefully, these perks allow you to reconsider what you’re currently offering to potential remote employees.

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