The Gen Z Agenda: Job descriptions are out!

By Andrea Tamba · Aug 31, 2022

The importance of a job descriptions lies in its ability to attract the most fitting candidate. Traditionally, this has meant the person whose tangible experience directly ties into the role. It may be that they’re the person with the media degree, or the five years’ worth of excel experience with expert project management skills. Traditional job descriptions only list out the skills and responsibilities that the ideal candidate should perform.

But they no longer work.

For one, they appear quite robotic, because they lack the human aspect of the candidate. Most importantly, however, they don’t highlight the importance of the role in its wider association with the company and its goals. The young, Gen z workforce are looking to find out how their position will impact the business -it’s not enough for them to simply be a “cog in the machine.” 

This generation is always looking for ways to evolve, whether that is personally or professionally, and that is partly due to the growing digitisation of our environment. The myriad of available online resources has meant that skills are more accessible and easier to acquire, even for someone without the necessary educational background.

What this reveals about the modern workforce is that they are more well rounded candidates, and, naturally, they want to be able to use all these aspects of their personality. In fact, Gen zers are known for not being particularly responsive to attempts at being labelled and put in a box. Traditional job descriptions lack the flexibility that Gen zers desire.

What this means for your next Job Advert:

  • Think about the company mission. Where does this particular role come into this wider goal? This should be written out in the job description

  • Take a look at the company culture. What does it take to fit in?

  • Will your candidate assist another department in fulfilling their own responsibilities? What other different departments will they work in? And what skills will they gain from this?