The Gen Z Agenda: What do you stand for?

By Andrea Tamba · Aug 5, 2022

Gen Z is presently known as the most socially conscious generation. Their beliefs and personal values trickle into their work aspirations, specifically, what organisations they choose to work for. Where Gen Z feel that their values are reflected is where they will be attracted and where they will remain. And so, one of the most important things they expect from corporations that would like to work with them is evidence that they are doing their part to further social causes. 

66% of Gen zers have expressed that it is no longer acceptable for companies to remain silent on social justice issues, and a reported two in five claim to have rejected a job because it clashed with their personal ethics. Clearly, Gen Z is being the change they’d like to see in the world, and they’re making sure that the companies they work with follow them on this venture. 

But this doesn’t mean that you should now scramble to subscribe to as many social movements as you can, just so your company can appear more attractive to this young workforce. In fact, doing so will only result in pushing away potential workers. Inauthenticity has a stench, and Gen Zers have the nose for it. So, although it is important to be continuously aware of the changing social climate, and even going as far as commenting on certain topics, keeping a sense of authenticity is key whenever Gen Z is concerned.

And while being a generation that champions individuality, this cohort is linked together by a common mission to see real social change. At the forefront of their agenda is the issue of climate change, as a reported 67% consider climate change to be one of their biggest concerns. And where 64% of 18-22 year olds feel it is important for the employers to act on environmental issues, only 15% are satisfied that companies are doing their part to combat this crisis.  

At the core, it is about realising that your business has a responsibility to society as a whole. As long as your business's contribution adds value to the conversation, then you’re doing right by Gen Z standards.