Wework: Our New Base

By Rebecca Hullait · Nov 22, 2021

The New Office Space!

We have been working in our new office space for the last few weeks - We Work in Waterloo. We love it here and are excited for the next steps at gigl!


In July, we were fortunate enough to win Klarna’s Small Business Support Package (written in greater detail in a previous blog post). This is hugely exciting as we now have the resources to grow gigl at the speed of light! In particular, Klarna awarded us for our continued innovation and positive impact through the pandemic.

What does it mean for gigl?

Previously, the gigl team were either working remotely or working in Dan’s flat. Now, having a working space that we can call our own for the next three months feels empowering. As WeWork is a collaborative workspace, we are sharing the same office as other start-ups, which feels super motivating. Walking into the office every day feels like shared energy - everyone here is working hard to achieve huge things within their company. There is a shared passion for achieving something incredible - and that’s where we come in, WeWork is a place for immense innovation, hard work, and passion for team gigl, and we are ready to take you on the journey!

The Journey so Far:

It has only been a few weeks since we started working at the offices, but we love it already! Some incredible features will allow us to produce excellent results for gigl and our community of giglers. From huge collaborative workspaces to boardrooms - WeWork has it all.

Outside of work, WeWork provides excellent wellbeing services to ensure that companies prioritize mental health while working. For instance, WeWork members can use yoga and meditation suites during most hours of the day, which I think is an excellent feature of the building! Recently, I believe that people are increasingly more open about how they feel because of the Covid-19 pandemic and its given effect on mental health. Providing safe spaces where people can relax is essential and a feature that all workplaces should accommodate.

What’s Next?

As a company, we have exciting plans for the future. We are excited to bring you on the journey. As Community Manager, I want to be your gigl guide and assist you in every way possible! I am excited to share job application tips and advice with you to ensure that you will get the most out of the platform.


I will leave this post here, but I want to express how excited I am to work with you as a community of giglers. Along the way, I hope to make you giggle once or twice!