What a Win. Thank you Klarna!

By James Hudson · Oct 22, 2021

We really can't believe it, but to be selected as one of 100 companies to win the inaugural Klarna Small Business Support Package is a huge opportunity for gigl.

So what is the Klarna Small Business Package all about?

Essentially, it is a drive by Klarna to find and support small business across the UK through the pandemic. You can find all of the information about it here. https://www.klarna.com/international/press/klarna-announces-winners-of-its-inaugural-ps3m-small-business-support-package/

With over 1100 applications, there was huge competition for the fund, so it is a huge honour for us to be selected.

Klarna - awarded us for our continual innovation and positive impact though the pandemic - and now we are moving to the next level.

What is that next level you ask?

Well, firstly we are on the move, we are heading to WeWork to have a proper office with proper desks. Plenty of space to build out our plans as there are some exciting things happening at the moment. More of that in an upcoming blog post. Keep an eye out for it!!

But in the meantime, the judging panel for the event have some amazing words to say about the initiative:

Alex Marsh, Head of UK at Klarna said: “The retail industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and British SMEs have faced the brunt of it. At Klarna, we’ve long worked with businesses of all sizes and have always been focussed on supporting SMEs in particular. It was an honour working together with our partners to judge the inaugural SME Support Package. It was certainly a hard decision but the businesses we have chosen are truly making a difference across the industry, from sustainability to innovation, and we’re excited to be part of their future growth.”

Mathieu Proust, General Manager, WeWork UK, Ireland & Emerging Markets said: "It was a privilege to join the judging panel for Klarna's Small Business Support Package and to hear from so many impressive applicants. The last 18 months has presented huge challenges to businesses, particularly the retail SME community, and so it is great to be involved in this support package. We look forward to seeing what these exciting and innovative companies go on to achieve."

Emma Jones CBE, Founder of Enterprise Nation said: “Small business owners have had their heads down over the past year working on sales, adapting, fund-raising and more. Programmes and competitions such as these offer an opportunity to mark that hard work and allow founders a moment to pause and celebrate their achievements. It was a pleasure to be part of it and good luck to all entrants for success in the coming year.”

Finally, everyone at gigl would like to thank Klarna for firstly creating such an impactful initiative and selecting us as one of the inaugural winners.

Thank You.