Finding a job after University

The first couple of months after finishing university are always somewhat strenuous; whether it be adjusting to living with family members again or struggling to change a routine you had become accustomed to. However, in my experience the most strenuous thing I had to adjust to was the very thing I had gone to university to avoid. 

As pupils in primary/secondary school, the majority of us are told that university is the best option to enable us to achieve our dream careers. As a secondary school student, University was the ultimate goal, the best option to maximise my career prospects and achieve financial stability. I personally graduated with a 2:1 in Politics and Contemporary History and was absolutely thrilled with the outcome! I could not wait to start my career and find my dream job. After graduating, the job hunting began, I kept a mental target to have a job with an annual income by Christmas so that I was on track to rent my own flat in a year or so. When I think back to this time the naivety is screaming at me in the face, it is almost laughable to think that it would happen that easily. However teachers, lecturers and even family members had failed to mention that although I had achieved a level 6 qualification at 21, I would still be at the bottom of the pile in the employment world. 

I spent four months applying to Graduate schemes, administration jobs and even offering to shadow MPs and getting little to no response. To say it was starting to become a little disheartening would be a massive understatement. I would spend hours researching and applying for work on websites like indeed and jobsgopublic and was starting to think that no one was even reading my applications. I received no response to my applications, I became frustrated and even angry because there was no way of knowing what I was doing wrong. I kept thinking to myself “if only I could do an interview, so they could meet the REAL me”.

I knew that I didn’t have enough experience to make my CV stand out from a thousand others –  I was fresh out of university so what do employers expect? But I did know I had charisma and outstanding people skills, making my frustration only greater. 

Applying for numerous roles in all different sectors made me realise how outdated and over-complicated the employment process truly is. Applying through gigl was like taking in a breath of fresh air.  I was finally able to show my true authentic self and – although my first attempt was somewhat awkward – I definitely had more of a feel good factor once submitting my final video.  

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