Our Guide to Creative CVs

Job-seeking can be a nightmare. And the dread beings before you even speak with real humans..

But before you get to that stage: the dreaded C.V. Making it tight, concise – but not light on details. Making every experience count – but nothing which could come back to haunt you. And best of all – everyone else competing for that job is shamelessly doing the same. 

At gigl think the C.V. is outdated. But – before consigning it to the digital dustbin – we researched the lengths people go to stand out. Our findings? It’s amazing what people will do to make themselves memorable to the reader. 

A few of the better ones we have seen:

Samuel literally wanted to stand out – so printed his C.V. on a milk carton. Impressive? Yes. Different – Absolutely. Able to attach it to an email? Let me get back to you on that…

Vidar liked James Bond. So much so he submitted a brown-paper dossier, stamped “for your eyes only” and stuffed full of sensitive information which could be lethal in the wrong hands. His introduction letter? Written as an invasion battle plan. 

The golden gun? Probably the passport containing his vital details, skills and places visited. Clearly hoping to replace “Dr. No” and become a Thunderballer.  

Whitney designed her C.V. like a menu. It was simple to read and contained all the relevant information. On a laminated side of A4 paper. 

A glass of house white and the mushroom linguine methinks.

So like me, you’re now probably thinking “crickey, should have put some effort into my C.V.”.

But! There are thousands of forms, styles, sizes for a C.V. There is no single magical formula which guarantees an interview or job-offer. Every job, interview and company has its own quirks.

“A prospective hire submitted an application but hadn’t received an interview. So he sent a cake to our human resources department. In bright red frosting was this sentence: ‘Just give me an interview.’ So we did.” —Josh Haber, a lead customer success manager at All Set

One candidate placed a timer on the interviewer’s desk, started it, and told the interviewer he would explain in 3 minutes why he was the perfect candidate. Short and to the point. But it does tend to break the two-way flow of a conversation!

What did our research prove? The time, effort, resources and imagination people will go to for a job. 

But fundamentally why do this? Our conclusion – because they are using an outdated form of explaining who they are.The dreaded and prehistoric C.V. 

A new decade and a new way! Creating a simple profile on the gigl platform and recording a 60 second video about yourself and why you are perfect for a specific role. This makes you stand-out in the way typed ink never permits. Using video you demonstrate in a human and visual way your character, energy, drive, experience and passion. You are able to show companies who you really are.

You can gigl from your phone. Register your profile and apply for thousands of jobs – free and in seconds. Create one video about yourself or specific ones for each job. 1 minute of your life recording an energetic, zesty application – or hours spent hunched over a keyboard counting words and trying to find new adjectives? It’s a no-brainer. 

Don’t believe me? Here is some feedback from employers using gigl to find candidates:

“Gigl is great, I was able to post my job quickly and easily. Recorded a quick video about the restaurant and that was it. It was really exciting when I started getting applications from people. I was able to check their profiles and with their videos get a true understanding of who they are. Managed to hire someone the next day” xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

“Err, why have I been wasting my time and money with recruiters, when I was able to get applications to my waiting staff roles in a couple of days? Every application had everything I needed and I was able to contact people instantly to have a longer chat. Loving this new concept” xxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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