25k and Growing!

By Chris Jones · Feb 18, 2021

We can’t quite believe it. We are so excited about the fact we have reached 25,000 downloads. This is an amazing milestone for us and reinforces our belief that there is a better way to find work.

This is not only down to the incredible work of our team, but also to our users who want to have a fun, safe and friendly experience looking for work. A big thanks to all involved on our journey so far. 

When gigl launched, it was (and still is) the vision of the team and its founders, that using gigl to connect employers and jobseekers will become the norm for the recruitment process. 

When gigl hosted JobFest last year, Dan Hudson, gigl’s CEO, told attendees that the recruitment process is changing, and will continue to change, through video & mobile-first technology. Today, we’re revisiting his contribution to the conversation at the virtual careers and employability festival. 

There’s no doubt that gigl has seen a huge uptake of its technology by Generation Z, who are the predominant users. It’s this generation who are early adopters of platforms like TikTok, where instant video sharing provides not only entertainment, but enables informative and instructive content to surge in popularity. 

It’s this thinking that has inspired Dan and the rest of the gigl team to ‘think big’ when considering where the platform might end up in five years’ time. 

“Hopefully [gigl will be] thriving and...basically the norm for the recruitment process” Dan said. 

With 16 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, it’s evident that Dan and the countless other employers he has interacted with on gigl’s journey are frustrated with the current recruitment process.

“Online applications basically mean that very clever companies can use algorithms to search the keywords. What we’re trying to do is bring it back to the person, the individual and make that central.

“I think that’s what we’re really trying to achieve.”

gigl is designed so that employers can post video job descriptions, giving jobseekers a glimpse into their potential future workplace and to find out more details. Candidates then respond with their own video applications, describing their previous experience and motives to apply. 

It’s something that has reduced the time to hire for gigl’s employer users by up to 80%.

When asked if it’s been difficult to explain the concept, Dan emphasised the old-fashioned nature of CVs:

“Yeah it’s funny, people talk about a CV. ‘CV’ is short for Curriculum Vitae, it’s Latin. I can't believe in a society where 80% of all our data we consume is video based, we still get a job via something that’s based in Latin.”

“I think video just allows people to highlight the relevant skills and highlights their personality. 

You’re so much more than what you would have on a piece of paper.”

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, over 80% of all job interviews have been video-based. 

Dan says the ‘video interviewing’ and ‘video application’ concept wasn’t an entirely new thing pre-pandemic, but the circumstances of the three lockdowns and remote working have pushed some to view video as the “new norm,” as Dan puts it. 

“It wasn’t planned, we had nothing to do with [the pandemic] before anyone says anything!

“Incorporating gigl’s vision into the hiring process is happening and it’s getting massive traction, so it's a really interesting time for us in the business right now.”

See the following clips from Dan’s appearance at JobFest below:

gigl in five years

Video in Recruitment