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gigl uses 60-second videos to attract highly motivated candidates, reducing your time to hire by 80%. Recruitment has never been this easy!

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How does it work?

  1. Record a short job description video, providing questions for applicants to respond to

  2. Your job will be pushed to thousands of motivated giglers, instantly

  3. Receive 60-second application videos from candidates, introducing themselves before answering your questions

  4. Hire or decline applicants within seconds, or shortlist several for final round interviews

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Why choose gigl?

Elevate your employer brand
Push your role to thousands of active giglers, finding great employees while raising the profile of your business
Quickly advertise in emergency scenarios
It takes no time at all to post a job on gigl. Upload a job description video and start receiving applications right away!
Benefit from candidate diversity
gigl unites a community of motivated individuals from all backgrounds. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our userbase
Hire, shortlist or decline after 60-seconds
Through short video applications, you can have confidence in your hiring decision without having to sacrifice much time at all

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Super simple pricing

  1. Our pricing model ensures that gigl is the perfect fit for every business from "pay as you post" to a bespoke package.

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