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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Social Media to Recruit and Hire

By Jenny Roche · Sep 13, 2021

91% of employers use some form social media to look for the best candidates. Here we look at some of the key reasons you should consider hiring through social media.... Continue reading

How part-time hospitality work can kickstart your career

By Aamina Chaundry · Sep 9, 2021

As university students there is a looming pressure that comes with summer holidays: internship stress. I’m not referring to the stress of your actual internship work but moreover to the stress of actually finding one. ... Continue reading

Working Part-time as a student: Do's and Don't

By Max Denis · Aug 6, 2021

Going to University is a life-shaping experience that alumni look back on long after graduation. Whether its wild parties, rigorous study or simply pot-noodle emergency breakfasts, university living is something that attracts millions of young people every year.... Continue reading

Freedom Day Is Here!

By James Hudson · Jul 19, 2021

The day has finally come. It’s Freedom Day and we are coming out of some of the most stringent restrictions we have ever seen. ... Continue reading

The importance of Honest, Earnest

By Christian Ayerst · Jul 16, 2021

“I’m sociable, enthusiastic and well-liked”. The opening line of my C.V. for many years. To me – an assertive, game-changing statement that I was going to come-in and elevate your business to the palace of the gods. ... Continue reading

Immigration and point-based system: the future of the Gig economy after Brexit

By Anna Zilli · Jun 29, 2021

The UK government has released new rules to manage migration flows that will come into effect in 2021, at the end of the transition period on Brexit. The new parameters will be very restrictive for low-skilled workers: in a nutshell, it will become practically impossible to move to the United Kingdom to look for an occasional job, such as a waiter or dishwasher, unless you already have an offer of work in hand.... Continue reading

Hidden Gems of London: Speakeasies part 2

By Anna Zilli · Jun 15, 2021

We are back! Did you miss us? In case you did, don't worry, in this article, we will reveal to you more hidden bars in London, so let's get started. ... Continue reading

Pioneering the living wage

By Max Denis · May 27, 2021

We at gigl are pleased to be recognised for our work in championing the London living wage and are honoured to be one of this year’s nominees in the Living Foundation Awards. To our employees and users of our platform, the living wage symbolizes security, strength and opportunity. While we recognise it is not always possible for employers to pay the living wage, we encourage all to advocate for a fairer, more rewarding, and booming jobs market.... Continue reading

Being Authentic Online

By Chris Jones · May 23, 2021

Being our best selves online can have its perks. We can choose to post the most flattering profile pictures, boast about our latest win at work and filter out all of the negativity in our lives so that what other people see (and think) of us is that we are consistent - and always - happy, productive, and winning.... Continue reading

We're All Going On A...Summer Voluntary

By Christian Ayerst · May 19, 2021

So five months after Brexit, the dust is beginning to settle. Progress is being made in the fight against COVID. Normality isn’t quite back - but things are looking a little brighter than a few months earlier. Especially with summer around the corner.... Continue reading

10 Step Guide To Getting A Job

By Tyler Malcolm · May 12, 2021

When finding and getting a new job must be a considered and structured approach, otherwise you will waste time, get frustrated, and potentially miss the perfect opportunity for you. Here are 10 steps that may help with the process.... Continue reading

Evolution of virtual recruitment and it’s future

By Ellie Manning · May 5, 2021

Many companies are planning how their employees can safely return to the office. If the UK government’s roadmap out of lockdown is successful, restrictions on social contact could be removed by 21 June, which could indicate a good point in time where legally companies can ask their employees to return. But what will the future workplace look like?... Continue reading

Common Signs Of Stress You Are Unaware Of!

By Tyler Malcolm · May 2, 2021

2020 was one hell of a year. The events that have accrued throughout the year has undoubtedly created a deposit of stress within all of us. Some may be very intuned with their personal stress level however many of us go unaware of the build-up. Managing stress is a crucial part of our personal well being. If you are able to identify and understand stress, you will ensure positive benefits on your personal well being. ... Continue reading

Rebuilding the Gen Z Workforce

By Max Denis · Apr 23, 2021

As you walk through the city centre, you can hear the rowdy cheers and exclamations of pub-goers once more. Bars packed with people, pedestrians crowding the streets; it’s a reminder of how life was before the pandemic and it sure brings a smile to the onlooker’s face. ... Continue reading

Avoiding Work-From-Home Procrastination

By Max Denis · Apr 19, 2021

While the pandemic has shut down communal offices, for most companies, the show must go on. Yet remote working has a number of pitfalls that are increasingly affecting workers’ productivity.... Continue reading

Hidden Gems of London: a guide to the most secret speakeasies

By Anna Zilli · Apr 15, 2021

Have you ever been to one of the hidden bars in London? Now that everything is slowly going back to normality it is your chance to go explore one of the most secret bars in the British capital. ... Continue reading

Deliver Who?

By Christian Ayerst · Apr 11, 2021

Last week Deliveroo listed its shares for sale on London’s stock market. Things didn’t go quite to plan: when trading opened shares were available at 390p each; before falling 30% in value and ending the day at 284p - a 14% decrease in value. ... Continue reading

Somewhere Uber The Rainbow...But No Pot O’Gold At The End

By Christian Ayerst · Apr 5, 2021

As a follow up to our post on the supreme court judgement against Uber, we look at what has happened since this and what it could possibly mean.... Continue reading

They Think It’s All Uber...It Is Now!

By Christian Ayerst · Feb 25, 2021

It’s appropriate that in an age when VAR decisions are hot topics in football, the employment law equivalent has just been made by the highest court (Supreme Court) in the United Kingdom. ... Continue reading

25k and Growing!

By Chris Jones · Feb 18, 2021

We can’t quite believe it. We are so excited about the fact we have reached 25,000 downloads. This is an amazing milestone for us and reinforces our belief that there is a better way to find work.... Continue reading

Brexit Means: Not Quite Sure

By Christian Ayerst · Feb 15, 2021

Brexit has brought so much uncertainty to the market and has created soo many questions. We thought it would be a great idea to get our legal specialist, Christian to look at what it could mean to people.... Continue reading

Video CVs are the Future

By Chris Jones · Feb 3, 2021

“Video CVs are the future” These are the words of Aidan Draper, whose video CV has gone viral after he decided to ditch the traditional route of CVs and paper-based applications.... Continue reading

Keeping A Positive Mindset Going Into 2021

By Chris Jones · Dec 23, 2020

As 2020 draws to a close and we reflect on what has undoubtedly been a difficult year for us all, we’re also given the opportunity to look at the year with a positive perspective, and to look ahead to 2021 with some optimism.... Continue reading

Getting a job in the current market

By James Hudson · Nov 23, 2020

The job market in 2020 has evolved beyond recognition. It looks like it will continue to evolve. How do you prepare for a completely new job market going forwards?... Continue reading

Health and Wellbeing

By James Hudson · Nov 18, 2020

When we created 'jobfest' we wanted to ensure we helped people with all aspects of working life, finding work and staying healthy during the process. You are only able to be your best if you look after your health.... Continue reading