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Famous People Who Started in Hospitality

By Alex Witney · Mar 6, 2023

From serving guests at hotels to flipping burgers at fast-food joints, many famous faces started their careers in hospitality. The hospitality industry develops valuable skills such as multitasking, handling pressure, and dealing with the public. Here are 20 famous people who started their journey to success in the hospitality industry and how their experiences helped them get where they are today, including Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, and Chris Pratt.... Continue reading

From Hospitality to CEO: How a Background in Hospitality Can Benefit Your Career Trajectory

By Alex Witney · Mar 6, 2023

A background in the hospitality industry can benefit your career trajectory regardless of the field you pursue. We explore successful CEOs who started in hospitality, and the transferable skills developed such as communication, customer service, management, and problem-solving.... Continue reading

Long Covid May Be Contributing to Economic Inactivity

By Andrea Tamba · Dec 19, 2022

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people around the world, a new report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shed light on the relationship between Long Covid and economic inactivity. Here are three key points to know about this issue.... Continue reading

GiGL invites hospitality industry professionals to discuss solutions to the staffing crisis

By Andrea Tamba · Dec 5, 2022

In anticipation of a difficult winter for the hospitality industry, GiGL, a London based tech startup, hosted their first panel talk event at Mortimer House, to discuss the industry’s next steps.... Continue reading

Hospitality prospects continue to dwindle

By Andrea Tamba · Nov 27, 2022

the industry faces the additional pressures of a cost of living crisis this winter, and it could prove to be fatal for a lot of the nation’s businesses. ... Continue reading

Westminster Hall debates the Recovery Visa

By Andrea Tamba · Nov 17, 2022

On Tuesday Nov 8, Westminster Hall debated the idea of a temporary recovery visa for industries experiencing labour and skills shortages. Here is a summary of what was brought up and what it means for the Hospitality industry:... Continue reading

Why your workers want a flexible working environment

By Andrea Tamba · Oct 31, 2022

The term has made rounds all over the internet, and became especially popular during the lockdown period. Industries that had always been adamant on the impossibility of adopting remote working schedules suddenly found a way to make it all work with social distancing regulations in place. This triggered a sort of awakening amongst the general population. ... Continue reading

2 Ways to stand out in a candidate driven market

By Andrea Tamba · Oct 13, 2022

Amid the current staffing crisis, the need to stand out in order to attract talent is even greater. Hospitality businesses need to focus on ways they can improve the candidate experience.... Continue reading

The Gen Z Agenda: The anti-capitalist phenomenon of Quiet Quitting

By Andrea Tamba · Oct 6, 2022

Not being fundamentally attached to your job to the point that it becomes your entire life is the running theme here. It is a rethinking of what it means to have a good work-life balance, and the wider public is actually not so far estranged from this mindset.... Continue reading

If You’re Not Yet Offering Flexible Work Hours, Now is the Time

By Jenny Roche · Sep 27, 2022

A global survey with more than 30,000 participants in 31 countries found that 2 out of 5 employees were considering leaving their jobs next year. For the vast majority of these people, flexibility is a deciding factor in employment decisions. ... Continue reading

Understanding the differences between Gen Z and millennials: 2 ways Gen Z’s short attention span presents in the workplace

By Andrea Tamba · Sep 27, 2022

Gen Z’s exposure to technology has shortened their attention span to as little as 8 seconds, compared to millennials’ 12 seconds. So how does this short attention span affect the Gen Z cohort in the workplace? ... Continue reading

The UK's dwindling workforce

By Andrea Tamba · Sep 16, 2022

As the demand for staff currently hugely outstrips the supply, employers now face a candidate driven market, which they are unprepared for. ... Continue reading

3 big changes happening within hospitality

By Andrea Tamba · Sep 7, 2022

The hospitality industry is always changing. It’s an industry that is hardest hit by emerging consumer trends, which means that it is always adapting. Here are three changes happening right now.... Continue reading

The Gen Z Agenda: Job descriptions are out!

By Andrea Tamba · Aug 31, 2022

Gen zers are looking to find out how their position will impact the business -it’s not enough to simply be a “cog in the machine.” ... Continue reading

You get a bonus! You get a bonus! Everybody gets a bonus!

By Andrea Tamba · Aug 25, 2022

More and more hospitality businesses are increasing pay wages and implementing sign-on bonuses in attempts to attract more talent. But are their efforts all in vain? ... Continue reading

The Gen Z Agenda: So...Where do you see me in five years?

By Andrea Tamba · Aug 17, 2022

If you don’t have answers to these questions, then you’ve not done your homework on your Gen Z workforce, and they may just penalise you for it.... Continue reading

A new lockdown for Hospitality?

By Andrea Tamba · Aug 11, 2022

The UK’s new points-based immigration system has left hospitality businesses ill-equipped, and therefore a poor match for their eager customer base. ... Continue reading

The Gen Z Agenda: What do you stand for?

By Andrea Tamba · Aug 5, 2022

66% of Gen zers have expressed that it is no longer acceptable for companies to remain silent on social justice issues. ... Continue reading

Bojo's pandemic blunder fuses a toxic relationship between the nation's managers and their employees

By Andrea Tamba · Jun 23, 2022

The government’s reported mishandling of the pandemic has meant managers nationwide have to bear the burden of the resulting strained relationship with their young workforce, as they are currently dealing with a mass refusal to return to work.... Continue reading

Due for a makeover? Hospitality's plan back into our hearts

By Andrea Tamba · Jun 23, 2022

The Hospitality industry could generate a reported £20bn total per year if only it had better PR.... Continue reading

Surprising Perks Remote Employees are Looking For

By Jenny Roche · Jun 14, 2022

While hiring remote workers is beneficial for companies, employers must first attract them. This list of perks allows you to reconsider what you're currently offering your remote workforce.... Continue reading

8 Summer jobs to fund your summer fun

By Andrea Tamba · Jun 14, 2022

Fancy living out your quaint, European aesthetic summer dream, sans the pricey trip to France?... Continue reading

We’re partnering with sunday app to tackle the hospitality staffing crisis

By Alex Witney · May 18, 2022

To win the war on the staffing crisis, we need to fight together - here's how we're doing just that with sunday app... Continue reading

Gigl Excels At the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Expo!

By Christian Ayerst · Mar 17, 2022

We’re delighted to be exhibiting at the Hotels, Restaurants and Catering (HRC) exhibition at the London Excel between Monday 21 March and Wednesday 23 March 2022! ... Continue reading

How Generation Z Are Changing The Future Of Work…

By Rebecca Hullait · Feb 16, 2022

From TikTok trends to their liberal working style - Gen Z has it all and is completely changing how the world of work operates! ... Continue reading