The Gen Z Agenda: So...Where do you see me in five years?

By Andrea Tamba · Aug 17, 2022

Why is this role open? How do I fit in with the company mission?

Most importantly, what learning opportunities does this company offer?

If you don’t have the answers to these questions, then you’ve not done your homework on your Gen Z workforce, and they may just penalise you for it.

This generation is coming in with curated demands for prospective employers, which puts them at the forefront of their job-seeker experience. As attractive as your salary proposals may be, a reported 82%of Gen Zers respond better to the promise of a career advancement, accompanied with an explicit show of how exactly that will happen.

Simply knowing that a prospective employer cares about their individual progression can be the decisive factor for Gen Zer. As the most progressive generation, they are always on the lookout for opportunities to evolve.

employers must first tweak the way they think about working, or risk losing 83% of their employees.

What this means for your business:

  1. Implementing a system of mentorship through which steady feedback is provided is a perfect way for your Gen Z workforce to track their individual progress. This way, they will be able to position themselves against the career ladder and visualise how it fits with their general aspirations.

  2. Gen Z require a more personalised career path, a recent study by Deloitte reveals. Regurgitating the promises of ‘Degrees' is no longer suitable, as it preserves an outdated “one size fits all” mindset, which restricts the personal development of your employees. What if they don’t want to become the next head chef? - Even though they started as a kitchen porter? Creating latticed career paths and multiple work formats as opposed to hierarchical paths is what's more fitting for this ambitious cohort.

Gen Z are a generation unafraid of letting their voices be heard, even in an environment such as the workplace, where they have the least experience. Their undeniable presence has caused a shift in the working environment, and companies should look to ways to adapt to these changes.