We’re partnering with sunday app to tackle the hospitality staffing crisis

By Alex Witney · May 18, 2022

With 400,000 roles still unfilled in the sector, innovators across the city are scrambling to find solutions before we start seeing another crippling round of business closures.

Enter our video job app (think Indeed but without the cover letters and cv’s!!), and the ‘no need to wait for the bill anymore’ payment app sunday, primed to revolutionise archaic payment and staffing systems and get the hospitality sector back on its feet.

We want to see hospitality venues getting back to what they’re great at, stripping away time consuming activities that the customer is rarely aware of. gigl means ditching hours spent sifting through CV’s and going from watching a candidate video to having that role filled in 24 hours,” says Dan Hudson, co-founder of gigl.

Similarly, the sunday payment app is freeing-up floor-admin time, reducing the strain on waiting staff and putting the power into the customers hands. Gone are the days of waiting 10/15 minutes for your bill.

“Staffing continues to be a huge pain point for the hospitality industry. Through our new partnership with gigl, we are proud to support our existing restaurant partners as well as the wider sector, to help alleviate the impact of the staffing crisis. With gigl’s pioneering video-centred hiring strategy, and sunday’s optimised payment solutions, we continue to deliver on our mission to make restaurateurs’ lives easier.” Elisabeth Osmont d’Amilly, General Manager UK

Partnership’s like this will play a significant role in the recovery of the hospitality staffing crisis, driving productivity and creating more harmonious workspaces. Not to mention carving the way for more much needed innovation in the service industry.