Health and Wellbeing

By James Hudson · Nov 18, 2020

When we started creating 'jobfest' we wanted to ensure we helped people with all aspects of working life, finding work and staying healthy during the process. You are only able to be your best if you look after your health.

So, in a follow-up to what was a great event for our community we have been through all of the video content and pulled out some great information we feel will help you in all aspects of your working life.

Debbie Leiner (Director of PES Health) takes us through Five key aspects of wellbeing and resilience. This is so important in today's market.

Five Ways to Wellbeing

As an extra treat in this post about health and wellbeing, we have included our whole amazing Yoga class brought to you on the day by Helen Holden from Wild Heart Yoga.

Yoga Refresh Break

We hope you find this content really helpful. We at gigl feel that in the modern job search market and the wider employment market people must look after their health. This was one of the key reasons we created Jobfest.

As always, please keep checking the gigl app for new jobs in your area.