Being a founder of a startup

By Dan Hudson · Aug 7, 2020

OK - so there is no hiding it, Corona is sh*t.......away from the most important elements ie people's health, the impact has been huge.

Life in a startup is challenging at all times, fun but challenging. I listened to a podcast recently that compared building a startup to having a love it, you spend every waking moment thinking about it, you put it before everything else and you know it will grow into something amazing.....however it screams, cries, gives you sleepless nights and sometimes Sh*ts everywhere!!!!

Anyway with that said, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on 5 things that have stood out for me building a startup during these challenging times.

1) Celebrate the wins: I know this sounds obvious, but I find that my days are so busy I don't get time to appreciate how far we have come and the successes we have had. We recently had our biggest day ever when 683 people downloaded gigl across iOS and Android. This put gigl at number 71 in the app store.....pretty amazing, and our advertising spend to achieve this....precisely zero.

2) Sometimes things are just very random: Today I woke up to see that someone in Paris had posted a role for a housekeeper.....I like Paris a lot, and have actually run the Paris marathon with 2 of the gigl team in the past, but we have never done any marketing activity there, so to see a job posted in French......tres bon!!!!

3) Have a clear roadmap and make sure everyone is on the same page: There is no hiding that the current environment is a completely new playing field. What you were doing before is not necessarily going to work anymore. I have spent a lot of time since the start of lockdown, reviewing all our feedback, wins, losses etc and the market. I have worked with our Head of Tech, Head of Employers and Chief Gigler to create a really strong and structured roadmap for the next 2 months. Everyone in the team knows what we are doing, where we are going and how important their role is.

4) Pivot does not mean change everything: I am really grateful to the 150+ employers that have been early adopters of gigl and the nearly 17,000 people that have downloaded the platform. Gigl is a market place and all users are absolutely vital. I have done over 300 feedback calls with users to find out what they love, hate and really want. This along with our other feedback is being implemented into our development plan and we will be making some big announcements around gigl 2.0 very soon, new functionality, new capabilities....a new look!!!!

5) Crisis creates opportunity: Not only has the current environment given me time to stop and think, it has also had 3 huge impacts on gigl.

A) We were originally built with a focus on candidate attraction. However through many conversations, and significant testing we are rolling out a funnel facility which our employers have helped us build. No more looking at generic CV's or applications, our employers are using gigl to funnel candidates so they only spend time reviewing the really motivated individuals. It some cases we have reported a 80% reduced resource requirement for the hiring process.

B) Video is the new norm......I even had a facetime call with my Nan on her 100th birthday.

C) Great skills become available.....gigl is now benefiting from the marketing input of a B2B superstar, the sales skills and strategy of an amazing sales director, the tech dev ability of someone who makes a super computer look like a nokia 3210 as well as a bunch of industry experts and advisors who help gigl on a daily basis. We are so grateful for their time, input and for all they are adding to make gigl something really special.

I could go on, but I will save that for another blog...

Many thanks and stay safe,