Confidence: Taking Control of Your Job-Search

By Victoria Holder · Feb 7, 2022

“Alexa, play Express Yourself by Madonna”


Confidence. Why? 

Everyone has confidence. Although you cannot physically see it, your confidence is present within you. And if it feels like it’s currently lost, then it may just take time for you to relocate it to then use it to its full advantage.  

Why do we need confidence? Each of us will need to be confident in different situations and depending on the situation your confidence level may differ. For example, your level of confidence on a first date will differ from your confidence during a job interview. But it’ll always be your confidence that opens you up to  exciting experiences and new opportunities – so it’s important not to let it ever hold you back.  


A New Opportunity. 

One of the most important opportunities which arises out of rightly placed confidence is finding a new job. We know that it’s hard to come out of your shell during an interview but it’s also possible to appear arrogant – we need to find a middle ground which will win over employers.

Looking for a platform that will help express your confidence and find a job at the same time? Gigl can do both. 


Gigl. Why? 

How many of us have struggled writing a CV? The haunting rule that a CV should be kept to a minimum of 1 page or employers will get bored of you… how can a page length summary of yourself reflect who you are to employers? And how can you express your confidence through a CV?

Well, with Gigl, the CV is out. Gone. Finito. 

Who needs a CV when you can create a video application that allows you to express yourself and your abilities instead. Now’s the time to clear the storage on your phone and make way for Gigl, the app that allows you to be your most confident self when finding a job. 

Image via - Alena Jarrett.

Image via - Alena Jarrett.

Get Confident with Gigl 

Your journey with Gigl starts with a video. Practice and prepare, let your confidence come through, and find yourself a job. 

Creating a video application with Gigl is going to require a level of charisma. You need to be confident if you want to make a lasting impression on employers. To present your best self in your video application you need to: 


·      Practice – for example, talk to yourself in a mirror – practice what you are going to say and how you are going to answer the given questions for the job you are applying for

·      Pick your setting – record your application in a quiet, well-lit surrounding – feel comfortable with your surroundings 

·      Look the part – make the effort with your appearance – first-impressions count – you’ll feel confident if you look confident 

·      Understand – read the job description for the job you’re applying for; understand what the employer is asking of you . If you understand the questions being asked before you record yourself you can be truly confident in what you are speaking about. 


Express Yourself 

The platform exists, now it’s up to you to showcase who you really are and in the famous words of Madonna, “Express Yourself”. Don’t let anyone or anything affect your confidence and if it’s currently lost, you will find it again. When you’re ready, throw out that dated CV, record that video application, and let your confidence shine through with Gigl

Ready to make your next career move? Download gigl today!