Deliver Who?

By Christian Ayerst · Apr 11, 2021

Last week Deliveroo listed its shares for sale on London’s stock market. 

Things didn’t go quite to plan: when trading opened shares were available at 390p each; before falling 30% in value and ending the day at 284p - a 14% decrease in value. 

The listing raises several interesting points. But for us at gigl - it demonstrates the knock-on effect of the Uber ruling, the importance investors attach to ethical hiring and how the full workings of the company will come under scrutiny - from staff-hiring to product delivery. 

At gigl, we’re proud to be part of the Living Wage Foundation -  encouraging companies to pay their staff according to the real living wage calculation (in London, GBP10.85 / hour, the rest of the UK - GBP9.50). Why? Because life is expensive and sometimes the minimum wage just isn’t enough. 

So whilst we can’t tell companies using gigl how much to pay their staff, we can tell them why paying the real living wage is the right thing to do - and why by paying more, they receive move motivated, engaged and customer-driven staff. 

So we strongly encourage users of gigl to see this as an investment, rather than a cost. For the small amount of extra money it costs, the benefits received are tangible, long-term and likely to drive the underlying success of the business. 

And for Deliveroo (and others caught-up in the midst of the gig-economy issues faced by Uber)? Well, the answer lies in your most valuable commodity: your staff. Treat them well, keep them happy and you’ll reap the benefits - from them, your investors and the wider market. But get that wrong (or even be associated with an organization getting that wrong) - and you’ll face problems. 

Here at gigl, we think we’ve found a great solution. Not only do we help you identify great candidates for your role at an early stage, but by working with us, you’re also showing the market you care: about treating people fairly, paying them a decent wage and making the process fast and transparent. 

Imagine that - your food delivered by a worker being paid the Living Wage and the job advertised and candidates filtered in 20 minutes - before your food has even left the kitchen. Now that’s what we call progress.