Keeping A Positive Mindset Going Into 2021

By Chris Jones · Dec 23, 2020

As 2020 draws to a close and we reflect on what has undoubtedly been a difficult year for us all, we’re also given the opportunity to look at the year with a positive perspective, and to look ahead to 2021 with some optimism.

It might be easier said than done, but there is always a benefit in hindsight that can be taken not just from your experiences but also from those of your peers & contemporaries.

When we hosted JobFest in September, we brought together a group of inspiring people to share their advice on a variety of topics, ranging from mental health, to finding work, and - in the case of Gumball 3000 founder Max Cooper - epic achievements.

He is one of three guests we’re featuring today, in a collection of clips from the day that we think go quite nicely together.

In Max’s clip, he shares some advice for those who are looking to break into the entertainment and events world. Having a vision is key, and is something he says can’t be taught: it comes from within.

His advice for you to make your vision a reality is to be passionate, to know your industry inside out and - most importantly - to recognize that your journey won’t necessarily be easy. There will be challenges, good and bad, and they’re there to test us. Once we break through, he says, you’ll reap the rewards.

Max Cooper How To Make Your Business Vision A Reality

Frankie Tee is the Director and a Project Manager at EnTEEtainment. Coming from the events industry, her unique perspective has shed some light on the immense challenge that the sector faced this year.

Sharing advice for young event graduates, she emphasises the importance of looking to your local area for job opportunities - as multiple stage festivals won’t return quickly due to social distancing. A recurring theme of her webinar was not to lose focus when you’re trying to find work as a recent graduate, because as soon as things return to normal you’ll be one step ahead of those who haven’t maintained an interest.

Frankie Tee Finding Work As A Recent Graduate

And if you are looking for work but are being rejected, or not even contacted at all, Debbie Kleiner of PES encourages you not to lose hope in her mental health webinar. Thinking outside the box is especially important during these times, and it could be somewhat of a relief to remember that you and thousands of others are all in the same boat. Applying for jobs becomes a full time job in itself, and a huge part of that is constantly asking for feedback from prospective employers and hiring staff who perhaps haven’t given you the news you wanted.

How Do I Deal With Constantly Being Declined From Jobs

All our guests above have unique perspectives of keeping positive and seeing what can be achieved with the right mindset.

Best of luck to everyone, and we’ll see you in 2021.