We're All Going On A...Summer Voluntary

By Christian Ayerst · May 19, 2021

So five months after Brexit, the dust is beginning to settle. Progress is being made in the fight against COVID. Normality isn’t quite back - but things are looking a little brighter than a few months earlier. Especially with summer around the corner.

Fifteen years ago, I was in a similar position. Summer was looming, the days were getting longer, and I wanted to spend a summer abroad. Learn a language. Enrich my cultural appreciation. Enjoy las cervezas. 

The good news - despite Brexit and COVID - young Brits can still do this. Through the wonderful world of volunteering. 

You see - holders of UK passports are still entitled to travel and - in Schengen countries - you can stay for up to 90 days in any 180 day period, without a visa. 

I spent a summer volunteering in Spain - helpling locals learn Spanish, by talking loudly and in a raffish British accent. I wasn’t paid anything - but I received free food, accommodation and incredible experiences which found me a job in later life (how many 21 year olds can proudly recant how they taught a top Spanish army colonel how to order a meal?). 

I also spent a summer working on a Spanish campsite. Again - food and accommodation and some off-books pocketmoney. And a world of experience and insight which would eventually land me a job as a lawyer. 

So the lesson? Summer 2021 onwards are for volunteering. And the great news - the positions are still open to Brits. You won’t make a fortune - but who does in a summer job? But you’ll definitely reap the benefits of camaraderie, learning a new culture and making friends from around the world. 

And guess what? gigl makes this possible. We’ve recently posted a role for Greenwich festival volunteers - working at one of London’s hottest cultural events this summer. Travel and food included. 

These roles are competitive - so use that sparkling personality and zest for getting stuck-in through gigl’s unique video application technology. 

And more roles are coming! Keep watching gigl and apply for those which suit. And in the meantime, feel free to do your own research into voluntary roles here and abroad.

Check out https://www.indigovolunteers.org/post/how-will-brexit-affect-me-as-a-uk-volunteer for information on what you can and can’t do, and keep you eyes on sites such as gigl and freevolunteering.net for some cracking opportunities!